9 Incredible Updates- Book Like a Boss May 2020

Hello out there! We hope that all who are reading this are safe and healthy and the Book Like a Boss team is sending our good wishes around the world.

Our Bosses are very important to us and every bit of feedback, feature request and integration idea is one that we take under consideration. Many of our most popular and well received features began as a request from one of our users. Therefore, we are really excited to share that latest batch of updates to our platform. What we have done is include 9 incredible features in our latest update. Read below to learn what they are and how they can help you:

  1. Our Bosses have spoken! One request that we have received many times is to update the scheduler tool, which is used by Bosses to set up their hours of available time for booking. Bosses can either use the slider tool or type in their hours of availability in the text box. Another scheduling feature update will allow Bosses to apply their booking settings to all the days of the week, by clicking on the "Apply to All" on the Sunday slider tool.
  2. Support for all Google fonts. We now support all Google fonts! If you check out the "Texts,Colors and Fonts" tab on the Dashboard you will see that there are now a multitude of font options to choose from. This means that each Book Like a Boss page can be even more customized to create a cool and unique look.
  3. Emails to Bosses now include package name, date and name of customer in the subject line. We knew Bosses were interested in this update and ensures a Boss can easily see booking details in their email inbox.
  4. Duplicating a package now includes option to duplicate FAQ and Testimonials. When a Boss clicks on "duplicate" they will be able to save time and effort by simply being able to check the checkbox options of what elements they want to duplicate along with product/service settings.
  5. The redirect text is now a customizable text (in Text Colors, Fonts . Previously the standard text that appeared about the bottom of each confirmation email was "Click here to receive additional related information. The text that appears at the bottom of the confirmation email can now be edited to whatever you would like. This also applies to if you have set up a re-direct link upon booking.
  6. A lot of Bosses were interested in editing the Buy Now buttons on their Products and Services and some were unclear about where to edit that. We have moved the Buy Now text configuration to Texts, Colors and Fonts so that Bosses can find it more easily.
  7. Bug fixes are always reasons to celebrate! We have fixed an annoying bug that kept coming up for for credit card input on mobile devices. Fixed!
  8. Book Like a Boss is all about saving you time and energy so that you can do the more important stuff like provide your services and make some money! Our update number 8 is a real time-saver. Users can now pre-populate the checkout form with name, email, and cellphone of a customer by using 3 available query parameters called blab_name, blab_email, and blab_cellphone. If you have returning customers they and you ( if you are booking on their behalf) will save time in the booking process.
  9. We often get questions about what's coming down the line and if there is a roadmap that can be viewed. Well, here ya' go , Bosses : https://roadmap.booklikeaboss.com/ Bosses can put in feature requests, up-vote other Boss ideas, make comments, check out bugs we are working on and more.

Lots and lots of exciting features still to come! Thanks for joining us on this Bosstastic ride!

Check out the update video to see these features in action:


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