BLAB V2.3 Update - August 30, 2017

A list of all the updates are shown below

  • Sorting FAQs
  • Auto-select the next month if no slots are available in the current month
  • Allow for setting a a public email address so when someone replies to one of your booking emails it goes to this email address as opposed to your account email address (which understandably you may not wish to use)
  • Hide the FAQ tab on mobile if there are no FAQs
  • Added the ability to cancel changes for add/edit FAQ
  • Fixed issue where in some instances when deleting a FAQ an empty FAQ row appeared at the bottom of the list (with a grey background)
  • Fixed issue where when adding a new product/service/appointment the description and success message were still populated with the data that had been previously entered in the “add” form
  • Added a line break after “You have selected” in the booking popup (and small text update by replacing “On” and “at” with @)
  • Improved duration display text in the appointments booking popup
  • Removed '+' sign on booking buttons for date/time services/appointments (since it’s no longer fully consistent with the recent UI changes)
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