BLAB V3.0 Update - July 29, 2018

SMS Text Reminders

SMS Text Reminders is now Live!!! Welcome to the BETA version of Text Reminders which is now live for all paid plans. You will receive up to 100 Reminders a month during this BETA stage. In the future we will be offering different amounts depending on what plan you are on and will allow you to purchase additional texts for heavier users.Also in this update we have added the ability to request a phone number as a custom field (Unrelated to SMS). It works really slick!Oh, and if that's not all we just added our 4th language! German is now live for all our German Bosses! Thanks so much to one of our Bosses Stefan Brandt for the amazing work in translating everything!!As you know by now Bosses, we won't stop till we get to the top and still much more to come!!

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