Book Like A Boss is Priceless For Us

“Hi, my name is Simon Hedley, and I love Book Like A Boss.


I spend my time consulting around the world, and I also spend my time with my lovely idea, the simple idea of writing books and movies and much more. The Book Like A Boss program helps me get my life really simple. And that's priceless. Book Like A Boss replaces the kind of EPA you can't find anymore. The people you trained for decades work in the civil service, banks and governments that's available to an entrepreneur.


I found the software four years ago and it seemed like an interesting idea. And now it's priceless for me. We use it for ourselves, for our clients, and for our partners in the UK and around the world, and it literally changed everything. We have ways of booking us for friends and family, VIP clients and partners and much, much more. And the best thing. I trust these people, trust them with my clients, my friends, my data. And they are the most amazing customer service guys in the world. For that, I owe them everything. Thank you.

One of my favorite features is it'll tie up not just one calendar, but multiple calendars. They can have separate booking systems all coming into your one diary. That means you can do things with your friends and family, your clients, your partners, all in one place. And that's why I use Book Like A Boss and you should to.


The biggest nightmare I've had before I found Book Like A Boss is this.


Somebody emailed me and I never saw the email and  he wanted to pay me for my consulting, which was more than a thousand pounds and it's really bad. I missed the email. I missed the appointment; I missed the phone call. And these people they don't really bring you back. They believe in old school British service. If you call, you say yes, sir or yes, ma'am. And unfortunately, because of that, well, we sort of got banned from that world for a while.


Luckily, they're very kind people, but many people aren't. That first impression, well, that's the whole thought of who you are. And so, if like me, you have many things going on, it's easy to miss an appointment.


Unfortunately, my PA had to retire. So, my challenge was I couldn't find a PA to manage my diary and you would think searching online would be easy. You just go online and search for virtual PA services.


You can see search results, but it’s not that easy to trust them with your staff and your data. So, my problem was I couldn't find someone for a very simple job. And that's luckily where I found Book Like A Boss. Well, everything changed for me, and maybe it will for you, too.


For me, the ideal client to use Book Like A Boss, is somebody that is a professional. They're not an amateur, as for that there are many other platforms. But if you're a professional consultant, entrepreneur, a business owner, even an investor, someone that values their time and more importantly, the time of others. And all that's important, isn't it?

Then Book Like A Boss is for you. If you're an accountant, a lawyer or a doctor, any professional services. Book Like A Boss is a platform you should be using right now, today”

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