Cyber Monday Book Like a Boss Deal!

Whoever came up with Cyber Monday was pretty smart. After you've exhausted yourself on turkey, stuffing, awkward political discussions with your great-uncle Harold, napped and watched a football game you just may have had enough energy to head out to your local stores and enjoy some Black Friday deals.

Black Friday deals from long ago

What about a few days later when you are completely worn out from a weekend gorging on leftovers and cranky family members? Enter stage left- Cyber Monday! Your chance to benefit from some great deals on services and products from the comfort of your own home. With Covid-19 having dominated so much of our comings and going- most of us got used to taking care of business from home. Whether that means actual business, having shifted your professional home base to your actual home base or all the other details that go into running your home like grocery orders, Zoom visits with relatives and purchasing items for your family online.

Book Like a Boss is a comprehensive, ever evolving platform that allows people to work more productively. Every year we offer some amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. This year is no different. We are offering 30% off any annual deal with the code BLABBF2020. So now that you've enjoyed all that Thanksgiving weekend has to offer or maybe you live in a country that does not celebrate Thanksgiving (I think there are 194 of those) but you would like to benefit from a great deal on BLAB- please partake in this fantastic deal. Thirty percent off any annual plan for the best booking software out there. Go on- you know you want to be a Boss!

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