Exciting Updates At Book Like A Boss

Since Book Like a Boss launched, a couple of years ago, the team has been working hard at helping our clients be Bosses in their businesses. We listen to the feedback we receive and are constantly improving our platform, features and user experience. Over the last 30 days we went live with a whole bunch of improvements and added features. Read below to learn more:

Custom Favicon: For Bosses who are on a plan with BLAB branding removed, you can now upload your own favicon. Click HERE to watch the tutorial video and learn how to add your own favicon.

Contact Button: If you do not want to include the Contact Me button (which allows customers to message you through the BLAB internal messaging system) You now have the option to remove the Contact Me button. Learn how to do it HERE.

Change Your URL: We were getting a lot of requests for URL changes. It is now super easy to change your URL name- and you can do it on your own. Watch this video to see how

Manually Send out Email Reminders: In addition to the automated email reminders every Boss can create in appointment and package settings, you can now send on demand email reminders, according to your needs. Video tutorial can be watched HERE.

Look busy: Want to look busier to potential clients? Of course you do! A brand new and super cool feature now on BLAB is the ability to adjust how many appointments show up during your available time. Watch this video to learn how.

The Need for Speed: We have sped up the load time of your calendars on both desktop and mobile. Now loading 2 – 4 times faster. (Please note that we are still improving the speed even more!)

More Text Style Options: We have added more styling options for the text on your pages including coloring the text, color highlights, alignment, bullet points, numbering and more! You can flex your creativity muscle and make your BLAB page even more personalized to suit your taste.

Limit when a booking can be cancelled or rescheduled: It is always a bit of a bummer when clients cancel on you last minute. In order to prevent those last minute cancellations, BLAB now offers the ability to limit the time for when a client can cancel or reschedule a booked appointment. Watch this to see how

You will also notice that we have improved the UI/UX in the Dashboard for how appointments and packages are displayed. Not only that, we have squashed a bunch of bugs, and made some other improvements to make the system running as smoothly as ever.

We are now working on a big feature that will be a game changer for our software and will be included in every plan! BIG NEWS on that in December.

We at BLAB are proud to serve our Bosses with the best appointment scheduling and booking software on the market. We look forward to continuing to add features, products and tools that help YOU be the best Boss you can be.

Stay tuned and Keep Bossin’ It!

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