Music Teachers: Is Your Student the Next Lady Gaga or Are You Drunk?

Sometimes being a music teacher is an inspiring, rewarding exhilarating leap into a wondrous musical landscape that knows no limits.

Other times it is complete drudgery that makes thirty-minute lessons seem like they last a lifetime and, I swear, if I have to hear you mess up the simple exercise of playing chopsticks on your little piano again, I’m going to freak the heck out.

Such is the problem of being a music teacher. Some days are wonderful, some days are painful. Which is why we’ll let you in on a little secret: after the day is done, and the lessons are finished, we suggest you sit back, relax and enjoy a nice glass or five of wine.

As you sit and relax, the day will somehow seem much brighter.

The notes you first recalled as painfully repetitive and annoying now may float through your brain as a gorgeous harmony, mature and inspired.

Was the guitar student completely unable to, for five friggin’ seconds, focus on actually playing the most basic chord progression in history - or, now, in the warm afterglow of some finely aged Pinot Grigio, was the student simply flexing their artistic muscle in a new and glorious way?

Would the incessant banging of the cymbal by your 11-year-old student drive you to the brink of insanity - or, hey, was that a young Ringo Starr you had the pleasure of inspiring? Who’s to say?

All we know, is you deserve another glass of wine.

As you, the venerated music teacher, sits back and considers your career as a music teacher, you realize so many fantastic opportunities and experiences that you’ve been presented with over the years:

  • The time you taught at the local nursing home at noon and three of the five students fell asleep during your class (in all fairness, it was almost 1pm - well past nap time)
  • TThe time you thought it would be an incredible experience to visit an area school’s kindergarten class and give the gift of music, only to have that lively four-year-old Tommy accidentally pee on the rug just inches from you as the other students cried so loud you could barely hear yourself think
  • TRealizing you’ve basically lost money on this once great idea of being a music teacher because you don’t charge nearly enough and people these days would rather learn from some two-bit hack on the internet
  • Enjoy the unique gift you’ve lovingly bestowed upon the world, as you continue to teach each individual who comes your way about the lovely art of music - because you never know if the next student you inspire will become the next Lady Gaga, Mozart or Yo-Yo Ma.

One thing you know for sure: the liquor store is open until 10pm.

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