New Feature Release! Skins for Book Like a Boss Pages

This week Book Like a Boss released an incredible and highly anticipated feature- SKINS! This is something the team has been working on for quite a while and we are so excited to share this update with our awesome Bosses.

Even Shaq is excited!

In case you are not familiar with the term- Skins are cosmetic themes that you can apply to a website, operating system or video game. The application of a skin does not effect functionality, but it is a unique way for a user to customize the look of their program.

Since 2017, when Book Like a Boss launched, the site has had one basic theme. With the launch of Skins, our users now have the option to select either the standard look or to select Modern Light Skin. Skins can be applied to a Boss's master booking page as well as the unlimited landing pages for packages of products and services.

With a simple click, our users can apply the new Modern Light skin to their landing pages and master page. The application of the Modern Light skin changes the look of the page with a fresh and modern tone.

Aside from the overall look- the Modern Light Skin applies a tabbed feature for your Appointments. Additionally, the Products and Services section is designed to have a featured image and users can either click a "Details" button to learn more about that product or click "Book Me" button to book immediately.

Some FAQ's you might be wondering about:

Q: Is this available for every plan?

A: Yes, this skin works with every plan.

Q: Will you be introducing more skins?

A: Yes, in the future we will be offering more, but we have a bunch of other new features that will be launched before we add more skins.

Q: Can each landing page have a different skin?

A: Not today, but that is our plans 😊

Q: Will we be able to create our own skins?

A: Down the line we will allow 3rd party designers to create and sell skins.

Q: How do I add a video to my main page?

A: Same way until now, in the integrations section in the YouTube area.

Q: Where can I add photos and videos for my landing pages?

A: In the “Cover Media” section in the editing area of your appointments, products & services.

Q: Do my embeds have the new look and feel of the new skin?

A: As of now no, they will have the classic look and feel, but we are working on updating this.

To see Skins in action and to hear more about the specific details that Skins will allow our Bosses, check out the Skins tutorial video below.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months as we introduce more Skins that Bosses will be able to use to customize their BLAB pages . As always, our goal is to help our Bosses be successful in their businesses by providing easy to use tools and sleek, easy to look at designs and software. Keep Bossing it!

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