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Core Features

the stuff you always get, well, just because.

Unlimited booking pages

Booking pages to take appointments or sell stuff — as many as you need

Unlimited bookings

Book as many clients as you can fit. No limits, ever

Security & Speed

Fast & hosted in the cloud! We don't limit your traffic and your pages are secure

Full customization

Over a dozen custom options to fire up conversions


Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian & Dutch

Locale settings

Choose-your-own date/time/dialect adventure

Mobile optimization

Awesome-looking pages that load quickly on phones & tablets

Messaging system

Private, in-app convos between you and your customers

Partners program

Referral kickbacks without lifting a finger (just a link on your page)

Client list

Export a list of every client you ever had

Booking list

Export a list of every booking ever, with every little deet

HIPAA/GDPR compliance

All your customer data tucked in, safe & sound

You keep your cash

You earned it, we don't touch it!


So everything comes together in Just. One. Place.

Members-only Facebook group

Support ASAP from our team + all the cool peeps already using BLAB

Videos + testimonials

So your prospects can see it to believe it — and hear from actual customers

BLAB saves you $$$.

Like, a lot

No Book Like a Boss

Scheduling software: $10/mo
Website builder + hosting: $15/mo
Landing page builder: $80/mo
Shopping cart software: $29/mo



Book Like a Boss

Flat monthly fee
as low as $10




(NBD, just 900% less)


“Book Like a Boss is a big time and money saver. I was able to get rid of other software I was paying for that I no longer needed.”

— Drew Spangler, Owner, Orlando Homeopathic Body Works

Wonderin’ about sumthin’?
Go ahead, pop your question


Are you a scheduling app?

No way!

We are the FIRST Booking Pages builder ever.

Take your typical calendar software, subtract everything you hate about it, add features + design that make booking a breeze, and throw in a sweet set of shades.  

That’s us. 

We’re built exclusively for booking. Simple, easy bookings for service based businesses.
That means:

  • No complicated tech. Creating + managing your booking page is so easy, even George from accounting can’t mess it up.
  • No blah cookie-cutter pages. Your booking page is so impressive, you might decide to just ditch your website. 

We listen! We ❤️our customers (for real!) and genuinely want to make you happy. That’s why we don’t stop adding bells and whistles to our software to meet your needs. (Seriously, we ❤️ that too.)


Who is this software good for?

  • Companies with 2 to 2,000 employees or companies that are just you.
  • Any business that runs on bookings: Marketing firms, real estate agents, coaches, sales teams, law offices, healthcare professionals, contractors, other home improvement services, yoga & fitness professionals, spas & salons, photographers, and more! With over 40,000 users in 120+ countries we have something for everyone.

What kinda stuff can I sell?

You can sell anything people will pay for :)

(Assuming it’s not against the law. We’re not into that.)

Stuff like a:

  • Physical product (like books, yoga mats, t-shirts, or masks)
  • Digital product (like an ebook, video, or template)
  • Calendar-based service you or your employee provide (like a coaching session)
  • Non-calendar service (like designing a logo or writing an article)
  • Event Registrations (1 Day or Multiple Day Events)
  • Classes (Time for my fencing lesson!)
  • Memberships (Gym Time!)

What types of bookings can I set up?

Any flavor booking you like. 

  • Free appointments — one person or groups (like a 15-minute meeting, job interview, or an AA meeting)
  • Appointments that cost money — one person or groups (like a coaching session or a massage)
  • Services that cost money — one person or group (like designing a logo or writing an article)
  • A webinar or online meeting 
  • An event (like a play, lecture, or corporate meeting)
  • An event that lasts several days (like a conference)
  • Classes
  • Event space or other spaces (like a party room or conference room)
  • Real estate showing
  • Property rentals (like a vacation home or campground)
  • Product rentals (like a bounce house, cotton candy machine or lawn mower)
  • Car and boat rentals (bikes and motorcycles too!)
  • Restaurant Reservation
  • A booking “funnel” — like Download ebook page > paid book page > attend a live webinar > coaching offer > thank you page

What’s your cut of my sales?

Exactly 0%.

You work hard for your money; you should keep it!

We charge a flat monthly or annual fee, never a penny more.


How much is setup?

Zilch. We don’t charge for setup or cancellation. 

In fact, we offer a 7-day moneyback guarantee. So there’s ZERO risk.


How do I renew?

You don’t have to do anything. 

Your account will automatically renew unless you downgrade or cancel before your next charge goes through.


How do I upgrade?

It’s easy. 

Access “account settings” in your admin, choose your plan from the dropdown and handle everything from there.


“With Book Like a Boss, my sales have increased by 75%, and my income has gone up more than 10X.”

We went from one coach to 6 of us. I need more coaches now because there are so many people rolling in.

Before BLAB, I was working with no more than 5 clients a week, and I was hoping for 5 clients a day. Now, I’m working with 6-7 clients a day, and another three 10-15 minute intro sessions on top of that.

My other coaches used to have 1 or 2 appointments a week, maybe an intro here or there. Now they have at least 5 a week, plus the intro calls. They’re starting to pick up too.

— Aleeza Ben Shalom,