Working smarter
(not harder) is what

moves the needle

We help business owners get MORE bookings while spending LESS time on frustrating tech.

When your page is built to...
make bookings a breeze
sell your service with ease
convert prospects (yes please!)*
...that’s when revenue soars.

*Bosses can also rhyme. We’re renaissance like that.

Trust us.

We know frustrating tech.

Founder of Book Like a Boss

Co-Founders Nachum, Dovid & Lloyd

In fact, it’s where the BLAB story begins. Rewind to the Stone Age (2015), when manufacturing woes forced me (Nachum) to close my apparel business. I pivoted to 1:1 coaching for budding startup founders — and loved it!

Except one part.

“Can we do 10:15 instead?”
“Oh, you mean you charge for your services!?
“Sorry, I need to reschedule again.”
“You didn’t know I cancelled? But I sent an email!”
“The page froze when I tried to book a time.”

I was spending so much time juggling appointments, responding to emails, checking messages, missing callbacks, managing clients, and working around apps.

And then, after landing on an app concoction I could (clunkily and expensively) integrate, one app would release Update 3058.27 and I’d have to start from scratch. Again.

I couldn’t run a successful business this way.

I knew that better than anyone. (I was a business coach, remember?)

Here’s what I knew I didn’t need:

a $3000 5-page (+ 32-subpage) custom-developed site

a copywriter, project manager, designer, UX expert, and SEO expert on my team

a landing page that would take forever to build and not even do what I needed it to.

Was it too much to ask to be able to

list my services clearly

take bookings and payments easily

close sales quickly

all in ONE place?

Apparently, it was.

The time was ripe for a software solution. With the growing gig economy, I knew I couldn’t be the only one who would benefit from this.

I pitched the idea to the phenomenal and relentless developer Dovid Yudkowitz. We got the equally talented, and equally tireless, designer Lloyd Schroeder on board.

And BLAB was born. 🎉

Trusted by brands of all shapes and sizes

Did you know?

Without BLAB, the average SMB spends 6.4% of its annual revenue on software and tech expenses.

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Our big, juicy why

We exist to help bookings-based businesses generate more sales — with less time, hassle, and money.

Our mission: help people around the world bossify their lives and businesses — take control of their time, live out their dreams, and make the world a better place.

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Stuff we stand for

Help right-fit peeps, only

Our #1 priority? Meeting your needs. Our free trial and 7-day money-back guarantee mean you don’t pay us unless we’re right for you. We’d never push ourselves where we weren’t needed!

Do stuff right

When we do something — anything — we do it right. We won’t release buggy updates or an unpolished UI facelift. We’re here to help you impress your clients. (And we try to do the same 🙂.)

Keep things simple

We believe less is more, simpler is better, and brevity is the soul of something or other. That’s why BLAB booking pages are minimalist, clean, and extremely high-converting.

Be human and helpful

We’re constantly developing new features and improving our existing ones based on YOUR feedback. We want to hear from you, and we’re always here to help!

Did you know?

49% of Americans under 35 have a side gig.
1 in 4 people in the UK have a side gig.

Rock your hustle with booking pages that sell.

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Our team of SuperBosses

Meet our Boss-mazing team of secret-superpower-wielding everyday heroes.

Nachum KligmanNachum Kligman

Nachum Kligman

Co-Founder & CEO

In a world of “Do This!”-es, Nachum is the guy who, well, does it. With 1 exit and 4 SaaS patents to his name, could anyone care less that he dropped out of high school as a teen? Nachum loves giving life to new ideas and brings over 12 years of SaaS experience to BLAB.


Ability to make important and sound decisions in seconds.

Favorite Emoji:


Dovid YudkowitzDovid Yudkowitz

Dovid Yudkowitz

Co-Founder & CTO

Dovid’s the computer brainiac behind BLAB. He plans, designs, develops, and codes like a Boss. The proud rockstar valedictorian of his CompuSci graduating class, Dovid’s like the perfect chocolate-vanilla swirl of technical skills and business understanding. He also rocks the guitar and pounds audiobooks.


Songwriting and power-napping.

Favorite Emoji:


Little Daddy DLittle Daddy D

Little Daddy D

VP of E (Vice President of Everything)

Doctor X is BLAB’s powerhouse product manager, administrator, and our everything ♥. He has 11 years of SaaS experience and is all about getting ‘er done. An avid gardener and hiker, Doctor X doesn’t go for fluffpreneurs: he believes in the power of hard work. He’s our go-to guy for just about everything.


The most underrated superpower of all: hard work!

Favorite Emoji:


Ilana HillerIlana Hiller

Ilana Hiller

Customer Success Manager

When a Boss reaches out to BLAB, Ilana’s on it. With a Master’s degree in social work (and endless goodwill), she navigates customer communications in style. Ilana rocks the Boss Facebook group and writes all of BLAB’s amazing content. On the side, she’s an avid worker-outer with several 10K marathons under her belt!


I can finish a 500 page book in under 24 hours.

Favorite Emoji:


Moshe HamburgMoshe Hamburg

Moshe Hamburg

Director of Sales

Moshe’s on a mission to make sure the whole world knows about — and uses — BLAB. A salesman pretty much since birth, he knows a thing or two about business and is excited to spread BLAB’s awesomeness far and wide. Previous claims to fame include having worked with one of the world’s first cloud-based technologies (which shall remain anonymous).


I can spot a changeup a mile away.

Favorite Emoji:


Hillel FuldHillel Fuld

Hillel Fuld


Hillel is BLAB’s world famous yet surprisingly down-to-earth advisor. He provides invaluable marketing guidance and strategic intros (like the one to Fiverr’s CEO and a bunch of other cool peeps). Dubbed “Israel’s top marketer,” Hillel regularly collaborates with top global brands like Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Nike...Oh, and he’s a really nice guy.


Hacking my day and optimizing my time.

Favorite Emoji:


Build a booking page.

Conquer the world.


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